1. Awesome clients

You may have heard it before, but our clients are great! You’ll get the chance to work with/for cool (inter)national brands such as Telenet, Pioneer DJ, Microsoft, Mazda and more.

2. 365 days of treats

With almost 150 employees in Antwerp and 35 in Brussels, you could say that we’re quite a big team. But this also means birthday cake, cookies, chocolate or candy all year long. Indulge!

3. Keep on learning

We’re keen on inspiring, that’s why we organize cool sessions in which you can learn more about topics such as Native Advertising or Trends in the OOH sector.

4. Friday beers

We have our very own beer tap. And we’re not afraid to use it.

5. Mr. Handyman

The office wouldn’t be running as smoothly without Paolo. If he isn’t assembling a cabinet or replacing a lamp, he’ll want to fix your flat tyre. Capisce?

6. Office sports

Pool, kubb, ping pong… You name it and we’ve got it going on!

7. Soccer up

We have our own soccer team! It seems though, we either enjoy a smashing victory or receive a sound drubbing, with no middle ground. Of course, that doesn’t diminish the fun one bit.

8. Vitamin A, B, C…

Every Tuesday, a fresh basket of delicious fruit is delivered to our reception. Free for picking of course.

9. Varied lunch

If Paolo isn’t cooking pasta or the boss isn’t treating you can find whatever delicious treat you’re after in the supermarkets close by.

10. Abroad experiences

Since we’re part of the Wunderman and WPP network and have offices all over the world, chances of visiting other countries increase. Bigtime.